What does that even mean? 

It means, if you're ready to...

Then, you're in the right place!

ENJOY a smoother TRANSITION INTO MOTHERHOOD & feel supported on your journey...

Innate, family-centered, care for growing families.

You can prepare for pregnancy and influence the health of your pregnancy and baby.

You can ditch pesky pain and dysfunction and feel good while you grow your family.

You can balance your pelvis so your baby can find their best possible position for birth.

You can enjoy your precious baby without problems like colic and latch issues stealing joy from you and your family.

The journey into motherhood is the most incredible adventure, and i want yours to be a healthy and enjoyable one.

I’ve been fascinated by health and the human body for as long as I can remember. Then at age 12, I fell in love with birth- so being a prenatal and family chiropractor and helping families grow and enjoy their transition into motherhood is truly the job of my dreams!



Birthed our 3rd baby, Liam, whose placenta came out beautifully, and relocated my family practice back to my hometown in the Vail Valley.

welcomed our third and relocated


Received my CACCP from the Academy of Family Practice.

completed board certification in prenatal/pediatric care


Opened Be Well Barn, formerly known as Blooming Life Chiropractic.

opened my family practice


After a relentless search, I finally found answers. I dove deep into preconception work, both personally and professionally, and became Certified in the Schaefer Protocol.

discovered the schaefer protocol


After the birth of our second daughter, Grace, when my placenta refused to detach, I made it my mission to find answers to the questions that came far too close to costing my life.

searched for answers


Became a mama to our firstborn, Magnolia, during a beautiful home birth where my placenta was “sticky” but eventually detached.

entered motherhood


After a season of burnout, I stepped away from active patient care to re-focus on my own health and teach skiing full time for a winter. During that season, I met, fell in love with, and married my best friend, Rob.

married my best friend


Graduated from Parker in Dallas, TX with my Doctorate of Chiropractic and completed my Clinical Internship at a hospital in Mexico City.

received my doctorate


Graduated from Colorado State University with my Bachelors in Health and Exercise Science- Sports Medicine and Bio-Medical Science.

Received my bachelors


After consistent chiropractic care, I was able to experience better health and knew I had to help others do the same.

decided to become a chiropractor


When I was 12, my little sister was born and I fell in love with birth.

fell in love with birth


At the age of 9, after suffering traumas from falling off my horse, jumping on my bed, and being dropped from a teeter totter (resulting in a spinal compression fracture), as well as, years of migraines and nocturnal seizures which left me severely ill and scared to sleep, I was introduced to chiropractic.

introduced to chiropractic


we all have a story, here's mine.

credential Highlights

Certified by the Academy of Pediatric and Family Practice (CACCP)
Webster Technique Certified
Perinatal Certified
Schaefer Protocol Certified
FOCUS Certified Practitioner
SOT® Spinal & Cranial Pediatric Practitioner
Certified Breastfeeding Specialist (CBS)
Trained Birth Doula

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