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Holistic care and support for families from preconception, through pregnancy, into motherhood/infancy and beyond

Because the journey into motherhood is the most incredible adventure, and I want yours to be a healthy and joyful one. You can prepare for pregnancy and feel good while you grow your family. You can influence the health of your future baby and prevent prenatal and postpartum problems before they even begin.

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Need a bit more support and clarity? Schedule a virtual preconception session from anywhere in the US.

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My virtual programs were built to support you in growing your family and reaching your goals.

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I offer in-person chiropractic care and breastfeeding support for growing families in the Colorado Vail Valley through my in-person practice, The Be Well Barn.


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Offering in-person prenatal and pediatric chiropractic for families in the Vail Valley and online support and programs for families everywhere

I’m a Prenatal and Pediatric Chiropractor, mama to three, and preconception pro who's passionate about helping women prepare for their most happy, healthy pregnancy, birth and baby.

My work is built on the foundation that you're wonderfully and beautifully created to conceive, grow and birth new life. Growing your family can feel empowering and the benefits you'll reap from proactive preconception are endless- you don't have to suffer for nine months and feel awful postpartum. You can prepare your future baby for health and thrive into motherhood.

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This four month online preconception program is designed to help you prepare for your healthiest bump, birth and baby.

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Schedule a chiropractic visit at my Vail Valley practice to discuss your health and family goals. Together, we can determine the best course of action for your individual goals and needs moving forward.

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Download my free 16-week preconception plan

begin your journey toward better health and fertility

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We took our 10 week old to see her after visiting so many doctors and leaving with only daunting diagnoses and prescribed medications. After seeing Dr. O’Connell for the first time, we had a different baby! We left her office with answers to all our questions. She is so kind and gentle with our boy, but also with us. We have gone from a crying and unhappy baby 90% of the time to a happy and smiling baby 90% of the time. Once skeptics have now turned into believers - we owe Dr. O’Connell everything for giving us our baby back!

"I can't recommend dr. o'connell enough."


She is incredibly intuitive and adept at recognizing imbalances in your body and finding the proper methods to help you feel balanced and comfortably energized. Within weeks of my first visit, I was sleeping better and I was finally able to relax.

"Dr. O'Connell has greatly improved my total wellbeing without medication or hormone replacement."