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You can prepare for pregnancy and influence the health of your pregnancy and baby.

You can ditch pesky pain and dysfunction and feel good while you grow your family.

You can balance your pelvis so your baby can find their best possible position for birth.

You can enjoy your precious baby without problems like colic and latch issues stealing joy from you and your family.

Because the journey into motherhood is the most incredible adventure, and I want yours to be a healthy and enjoyable one.

Questions about pregnancy prep, prenatal health, birth, postpartum, or your baby? Schedule a virtual consult from anywhere in the US.

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I offer in-person chiropractic care and breastfeeding support for growing families in the Vail Valley.

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Providing in-person care for families in the Vail Valley and virtual support for families everywhere.

I'm a tree loving, flower growing, chicken raising, lover of books, learning, and all things natural. I’m a homebody who loves nature and adventure, skiing’s in my blood, farmers markets fuel my soul, and I don’t think that there’s much a warm cup of tea can’t help soothe.

My passion is built on the foundation that the journey into motherhood is the most incredible adventure, and I want yours to be as healthy and enjoyable as possible- for both you and your precious baby.

prenatal & family chiropractor, breastfeeding specialist, and mama to 3!

hey, mama- I'm dr. Sara!

hey, mama- I'm dr. Sara!

From the pregnant mama experiencing symptoms and the desire to optimize her birth, to the new baby with colic, nursing difficulties, and sleep disturbances, I can help uncover and correct the cause of the issue so you can enjoy growing your family.

Helping families enjoy pregnancy, their baby, and postpartum through nervous system-centered chiropractic & breastfeeding support

prenatal Webster certified adjustments

infant/kids chiropractic + craniosacral

breastfeeding/lactation consulting

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We took our 10 week old to see her after visiting so many doctors and leaving with only daunting diagnoses and prescribed medications. After seeing Dr. O’Connell for the first time, we had a different baby! We left her office with answers to all our questions. She is so kind and gentle with our boy, but also with us. We have gone from a crying and unhappy baby 90% of the time to a happy and smiling baby 90% of the time. Once skeptics have now turned into believers - we owe Dr. O’Connell everything for giving us our baby back!

"I can't recommend dr. o'connell enough."


She is incredibly intuitive and adept at recognizing imbalances in your body and finding the proper methods to help you feel balanced and comfortably energized. Within weeks of my first visit, I was sleeping better and I was finally able to relax.

"Dr. O'Connell has greatly improved my total wellbeing without medication or hormone replacement."